5 reasons so that reflections on your comunicativas needs

By Carlos Alberto Cabrera

5 reasons so that reflections on your comunicativas needs

You know how you communicate? To reflect on this is fundamental. For that reason we give to 5 reasons so that reflections you on your comunicativas needs.

We breathe, we drink, we eat and we communicated. The communication, in spite of which you can think initially, is fundamental in your life.

It thinks, for example, in which supposed the appearance of the writing happening of the human beings. It was the flexion point to leave the Prehistory and to open the way to History.

You want another example? Perfect, you have it here: locate you in the birth of a new life. When a person is born, the first action that realises already emphasizes the importance that is going to have the communication in our lives.

The weeping of the newborn baby is so substantial for the medical equipment that takes care of it that, of not taking place by own initiative, it is protested. And there are other many examples, but it is not question to write the interminable article.

The communication is vital

Therefore, once it has been clear that the communication is vital in your day to day from the same moment of the birth (being in the belly of the mother already communication even takes place), is fundamental that you know clearly that this one must be of quality.

Yes, because a communication little taken care of, can end at familiar failure, schellostic failure, labor failure€¦ It imagines then, if at personal level the damage can be brutal, what can happen with your enterprise brand.

For this reason, we are going to give several advice you so that as much your personal brand or the image of your signature does not undergo the negative consequences to leave the communication into the hands of people who are not professional.

After this presentation, you are right 5 so that here reflections on your comunicativas needs.

5 reasons so that reflections on your comunicativas needs:

1) The communication is important

We have already shelp it to you in the initial part of the article: the communication is vital for any project, or of personal or enterprise development.

For this reason, when you feel to think the strategic lines of your personal brand or your brand of product or service, it is key that you contemplate the parcel regarding the communication.

In her they have to be as much marketing action, as the management of the social networks or the investment in publicity or sponsorships, among others things.

It can turn out startling to compare the costs in human or material resources to those of the communicative parcel, but it thinks that more than expenses they are an investment. It will help to place your signature in the market of strategic way.

You do not forget that this investment can be the best form to unmark to you of the competition, to differentiate to you and to make viable your idea of business.

2) You do not trust your friend

If you have decided to develop to you as professional for a reason or purpose individual and want to be created a differentiating personal brand or, although, you have a small or median company with which to put in the market a product or attractive service, is key that you take care of the communicative parcel to the maximum.

For this reason, we animated to you to that you do not trust your friend the creation of contents for your webpage and your blog. Either the elaboration of texts with which you try to sell your brand through notes of informative press or dosieres.

By all means, you do not leave in its hands the virtual showcase that represent the social networks of your product or service.

Of course, that you cannot trust your friend unless this one is professional of the world of the communication and knows what has in hand. And when we spoke of the friend, also we talked about the sister-in-law, the nephew. Or any other person who, although she can have very good intentions and very cheap being, in the end will create a communicative crisis to you. With the damage that supposes for your image as person or company.

3) You do not prioritize the price to the quality

Which is the third of those 5 reasons so that reflections on your comunicativas needs?

We are not going to deny to you that practically everybody feels attracted by all free. But the gratuity and almost free has many risks. First it could be that when something is gratuitous, then you you happen to be the product.

It thinks about the samples of any product that can offer to you through Internet or in a supermarket. This action of marketing goes directed to break the barrier that can have the consumer at the time of proving a service or product. The idea is that you try so that then, once it is the created necessity, you fidelices yourself. You have already entered the network, in the business.

Perhaps taken to the communicative land, you are that initially, somebody can offer a service without paying to you. If he is professional, surely it will be thinking to hook to you. In this case, both parts can leave winning.

However, when you trust your communication (online and offline) to your friend, your niece or your uncle, we are not in the same case: the low cost is put over the quality.

The fact that a priori this, that is to say, that somebody can manage the communicative parcel without receiving to you or in exchange for a detail it can seem to you as a saving, sooner or later it will end up being more expensive.

It thinks that a misspelling in a text of your webpage or social networks projects a professional image little. That transfers the idea that you neglect your business, in addition to being able to suppose an economic cost. How? By the loss or arrival of clients or not to bring about a crisis of communicative image and/or.

4) The professionalism and the quality it is necessary to pay it

Sometimes you have questioned the price that a medical specialist in her consultation acquires? The logical answer would be no. In that case, surely you will have valued that the knowledge, the experience and the service that renders to you it is necessary to pay it.

Nevertheless, if your answer is yes, that is to say, that you have gotten to question the tariff to provide a solution to you or some you rule synonymous of help and/or benefit, then will be that you value yourself neither as professional nor as person. Bond, that when the necessity tightens you have had to accept any thing, as usually she says herself, but do not go away to the end.

The one that a person has felt attracted by Literature or has the last and more sophisticated model of mobile phone is not synonymous of which it controls how to work the communication from a professional point of view.

One has already shelp that he is habitual to see how the orthographic lack proliferate, for example, in corporative sites, pamphlets and social networks.

We are not going to insist on the damage that it supposes for your image and marks. It is more, he is much more cheap to trust professionals from the home who later to go to them so that they help you to resolve a crisis or a problem. You have quantified the cost of the collapse of a product or service?

5) A good product or service is not only sold

We arrive at last from the 5 reasons so that reflections on your comunicativas needs.

Perhaps you have a product or excellent service. Congratulations. Perhaps perhaps this one is even sold easily. Then you have to know that you are a person to whom it has touched the lottery to him.

Generally, although a product or magnificent service is had, if this one does not occur to know correctly will finish in the dustbin. If it does not arrive at the suitable channels and if he is not visible for the objective public, he will be destined to the failure.

The paradox can even occur of which somebody at the same time puts it in the market. Even that later recovers it and ends up making the business of its life. Surely, the difference will be in the way in which the product or service has been sold (be understood publicized or communicated).

It is very important that you analyze your situation. It is necessary whether you have a service or product that to send as if or it is in the market.

For example, you must question what you are doing from the communicative point of view. Yes, because except for exceptions counted, not even a good product or service is sold only. The same extractions as conclusion that you need 5 reasons so that reflections on your comunicativas needs.

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