Enterprise synergy to grow and to help to grow

By Carlos Alberto Cabrera

Enterprise synergy to grow and to help to grow

Enterprise synergy to grow and to help to grow. Some ago HablaCadabra days Communication it had the opportunity to participate in the first Summer organized Networking in Sinergium. Sinergium is a space of work shared created in the facilities of Luz Shopping. In addition, it counts on the collaboration of Andalusia Undertakes and the Sherry City council.

In the event we met near 40 projects in different phases from maturation with a common goal: to change the form to make the things. Everything from the search of enterprise synergy.

The idea is to weave a spider fabric that allows companies of generally micro size to compete in the complicated present market.

Enterprise synergy to grow and to help to grow

Companies of communication, formation, home automation, development Web and branding were present. Also an environmental consultancy and platforms destined to defend, for example, the value that can have for the society viejenials.

First of all, the action was baptized by the president of the Economic and Social Council of Sherry, Lola Rueda. As complement were counted on the formation of Enterprise Sherry technicians as Jos© Mar­a Mart­nez.

The encounter, organized well, gave the possibility to all the participant companies of presenting its services. Later the opportunity occurred search portfolios of partners with whom to grow and to let grow to the clients of everyone.

Already we are waiting for the new edition! Meanwhile, from we offer our collaboration here to work in equipment. We contribute services of creation of contents of quality for strategies of marketing of contents, formation in communicative matter and workings of relation with mass media, among others. It begins to believe in the magic of the communication!

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