What social networks are the ideals for my company?

By Carlos Alberto Cabrera

What social networks are the ideals for my company?

What social networks are the ideals for my company? This question acquires value more and more. And everything by the weight that the social networks in our day to day gain. Thus, they have a key role at the time of influencing and conditioning the experiences of purchase of services and/or products.

There are so many social networks that it is normal that sometimes you are shipwrecked between so many waves.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Bebee
  • YouTube

In order to choose in what social networks you must be, the main thing is to raise a series to you of questions. And that before home to open social profiles and to publish to the crazy person and without a preconceived plan.

Here we are going to propose to you that you confront the subject distinguishing three phases:

PHASE 1: It studies your company

It defines your idea of business.

Is Your business a company of services? You have an office of lawyers? You dedicate yourself to the hotel trade? It belongs to the hotel sector? You sell products? They are the products of first necessity or dedicated to cover the hours with leisure and entertainment? These are some of the questions that you must do to you in the first place. From you will be able here to define your needs from the communicative projection and point of view of the brand.

It establishes what objectives you want to obtain.

What objectives you mark to you with your presence in the social networks? It is important that you wonder yourself if what you look for it is simply to create brand (personal or of company) and an associated corporative identity to determined ideas forces and values or if, in addition, you look for to sell a service or product.

Independent of this, you have to remember very that only speaking and exclusively of the person or the company ends up tiring and boring to the personnel. The egocentrism finishes being very detrimental, because it ends up bringing about rejection, by fatigue and satiety.

It analyzes the time (real) of which you arrange.

When sums a business, you must remove time for the main activity. You have to make a pursuit of the numbers, to speak with suppliers and a long list of others. In addition, it is necessary to add that the same until you have the €˜bad custom€™ to live, to have family and friendly€¦

For that reason it is very important that you analyze what time you need to remove your business ahead. He is fundamental that managements correctly your time. And you do not forget to leave hours to dedicate you them and to yours.

The people we are not superheroes. For that reason it is important that, once analyzed the situation, you are able also to value and to decide what parts of the actions of your business you have and you must delegate. Everything so that they are not a load and they work correctly. If the communicative parcel is one of them, here we are to help you.

Ask to you if you will be able to fulfill the commitments.

Ligature to the previous idea is the word commitment. To commit itself to something supposes to assume a responsibility. This sometimes can become an authentic load if our management of the time does not give to cover everything what we must do.

When this happens:

  • The secondary thing, ends up having more weight

  • What it is important finishes being urgent

  • Perhaps then, the urgent thing causes some to us that another headache

For that reason it is very important that you take some minutes and you ask yourself if you will be able to fulfill the commitments of your company or business.

If not it beams, finally some parcel will end up suffering itself. And there is nothing no worse than to be without being really.

When applying that to your social networks, for example, the same you end up detecting that precise of help. In case it is thus, there is no problem, tells us what you need. We give budget you without commitment.

PHASE 2: What social networks are the ideals for my company

Once you have become these questions and you have responded of sincere way, it is the hour to deepen something more in the types of social networks that better can adapt to the needs of your business.

Now it is the moment for approaching what can offer each platform to you, so that you find answer to the key question: What social networks are the ideals for my company?


It is the social network par excellence. In her, we can also find users of all the profiles, reason by which is used, but where greater competition has.

If you have a business, you will know that then you must count on a page of company or fan page, because otherwise Facebook can choose to close the profile to you that you have opened.

The algorithms are changing continuously, reason why every time the work is more demanding than it is necessary to realise to have major visibility, mainly, because over the years the publicity has become a more and more competitive element. It is not necessary to forget that Facebook is made to make money, after all.

The constant work, perseverance, I devise and the quality contents are more necessary that never, mainly if you want that your brand has associated values of quality, good taste and service of first level.

In addition, always he is recommendable to write according to the orthographic norms, because soon you cannot defend that you are synonymous of quality and that you have a service or exclusive product if the image that you project is all the opposite.


The social network of the bird is applying lately changes to try not to lose the weight that at the time it acquired.

One is a social network where the labels or hashtags usually work very well at the time of locating subjects and to realise searches.

Although very many false profiles exist (is not the only social network where there are them) and the political issues finish in multitude of occasions monopolizing the maximum attention, is a space that offers a great potential. He is very recomedable for certain businesses or companies, by his agility, the easy connection that allows and the feedback or agile feedback that characterizes it.

For example, the sports work very well, so it is a field where to be able to work to try to remove yield.

Nevertheless, it is certain that not all the businesses can turns identified in Twitter. As always, the best thing is to analyze previously what service or product is offered and to what public you want to arrive.

Google +

Probably it is the forgotten social network more. Yes, because often the obvious one and leaves it to a side, as if it was the ugly duckling of the story. But the reality is that it is an authentic swan, although by modesty can always appear in background, in a secondary paper.

Google + is as those tricks of magic that guards as stuffed but they finish being those that attract the attention of the public.

This social network of Google, the finder of the finders, and one of the most powerful brands next to Facebook when we spoke of technology of the information and communication, is a great help to try to position our sites in Internet.

In the incessant fight to obtain good positionings of our webpages and blogs, Google + is an essential ally. For that reason, although to work this social network sometimes can be thankless and little valued, never it is necessary to forget it.


Who has not heard speak of instagramers of reference? This social network, where the prime image over all the things, has become one of the most followed.

With a profile of mainly young and feminine public, it is a showcase very used by sectors as the fashion, the restoration and the feeding and the tourism. The sport and the health also have a remarkable presence.

It is a social network where the great problem is in knowing how to find the influential people that they can contribute positive results to your brand.

As usually it happens of life in many aspects, here they also abound that they look for to make money easy or to obtain certain products in exchange for €œpublicity€.

Much eye to those €˜professionals€™ in securing easy money in exchange for selling to you that they have thousands of followers, because in many occasions profiles are detected that have bought them.

For the companies, there are pages that contribute statistics to you that can turn out interesting to evaluate what likes and interests those who follow to you from the other side.

Finally, histories or stories (publications that last 24 hours and that also you can find on Facebook) are having more and more height. The great handicap of Instagram is that you cannot use connections beyond in the biography.


This social network is much more that a curriculum. It is a site where you can connect with professionals of sectors of interest for your professional race or your business, because usually it is a place where the hunters of talents and professionals of human resources look for candidates.

As usually it is a social network by professional affinity, you are not surprised if requests of profiles are not accepted that do not have relation with the one of the person who receives the invitation.

In fact, when cases have occurred in which people try to use LinkedIn to bind, these have been denounced publicly. The certain thing is that for that other types of social networks exist.

As in the rest, also the possibility exists of counting on a company page. However, usually they work those of the great companies. The interactions and to have visibility with a page of a small or half-full company usually are more complicated.

The publication of the supplies of use usually has a positive effect.


This social network Spanish bet by the creation of the personal brand. It is a collaborative network of professionals, a species of virtual encounter of professionals or networking where one looks for to connect through affinities.

This platform looks for to be a powerful tool to improve the personal brand of professionals. Its expansion is in the hands of ambassadors of the brand. These create contents (they produce honey in the language of the bees of this virtual beehive) in direct and entrances in thematic blogs on concrete and of which they have knowledge,

Remarkable it is the potential of the blogs that are facilitated to those who are created an account in beBee, because the work behind the borders of the creators of this social network causes that the number of visualizations is remarkable.


Pinterest is a good tool search and to offer inspiration. Thanks to their boards thematic elements of concrete and interest can be offered, that soon other users can keep or share (to repinear).

It is a platform where they have capacity from likings or hobbies to sectors as the fashion, the design, the decoration and the restoration, among others.

In fact, there are businesses that use Pinterest as a sale platform, because from the same steps have occurred to strongly bet by the electronic commerce or e-commerce.

It is a social network where the visual offer, but that in spite of the similarities that can think has with Instragram, it offers a more serious and professional character to the brands.


YouTube is the social network of video par excellence. Its power is like has caused the appearance of a profession as the one of youtuber.

The image, mainly in movement, more and more has a substantial weight in the different social networks. Many of them are nourished of the content published in YouTube.

Tutorial on products, prescriptions of kitchen, assembly of certain equipment and a long list of others they give the possibility of operating this social network. YouTube has democratised the diffusion of audio-visual messages.

That yes, if your objective is to make money through the publicity, you do not believe that it is thing of a day. It demands a serious, constant and planned work, as well as a little luck, that never comes bad.

YouTube can be an excellent tool for tourist companies, related to the health and the sport, of restoration and accomplishment of events.

PHASE 3: Other digital platforms

Here we have presented you only some of the multiple digital platforms that there are. But now we are going to give some notes on other digital platforms that can be interesting. Everything will depend on the profile of your business or company. It is not necessary to forget to ask itself what social networks are the ideals for my company.


This tool of instantaneous communication is very integrated in our lives. As much that when stops working some hours authentic comunicativas crises take place.

In addition to the interpersonal communication, WhatsApp also is used to make more agile another type of contacts. For example, the communication in professional and collective groups of different types, from politicians to educative, to put some cases.

For the businesses also it can be a remarkable advertising tool. Nevertheless, the great problem is that it can be too invasive. Thus, if permission has previously not been requested to send publicity, its use can be counter-productive.

The publicity usually brings about rejection in the receiver if this one does not have interest in the subject. And you will not be the first number to which it is blocked by Spam, so we have already warned to you.


You would have thought some years ago you were going to reserve in a hotel or would choose a restaurant by the recommendation of a stranger in Internet?

For or or evil, the times have changed. No longer it is gone to a place by the known mouth mouth of (that also). In these times mainly strip of platforms where it sends €˜dedocracia€™ *.

*El to be able of our fingers at the time of writing opinions on different establishments.

TripAdvisor is a platform that is very present in hotel businesses and of the hotel trade. Good recommendations of the community of users can suppose a qualitative jump in the viability and the yield.

As it happens with the rest of virtual communities, it is necessary to consider, however, that as it happened before without Internet of by means, always there is that spill interested opinions, as much to harm as to create a product it stars.

Against this always he is recommendable in the first place:

  • To make self-criticism and to coldly analyze the service or offered product

  • To have waist to dribble the hostile attacks

  • To always learn of the experiences.

You use these social networks for your businesses? You use others because you consider that they provide to you what you look for?

Since you have seen, it is very important that you become the correct question:  What social networks are the ideals for my company?

If you want, we will be enchanted to meet your opinion. It leaves a commentary to this article or sends an e-mail to comunicacion@million-tovarov.com.

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