How to use the emoticons correctly (emojis)

By Carlos Alberto Cabrera

How to use the emoticons correctly (emojis)

How to correctly use the emoticons (emojis) in our texts of social networks she is one of the questions that we can do to us at the moment.

Once famous emojis and their variants has been gotten up to the present way to communicate through platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp, for example, the question is to consider how to incorporate them to our texts correctly.

What is an emoticon?

If we went to the definition of the Real Academia of Spanish Lengua (SAR), emoticon is defined as the representation of a face expression that is used in electronic messages to allude to the mood of the sender.

How to use the emoticons correctly (emojis): the score

One of the main doubts in the use of emojis or emoticons arrives at the time of finishing the orations.

It would have to put a point or would the own emoticon or emoji do of closing?

What says the SAR?

Before the question if the point in a phrase the emoticon or emoji goes before or behind, the SAR indicates that he is preferable to locate the point before, if the emoticon as a extraoracional element is considered. Example: Good day.

However, the point will appear later if emoji replaces a lexical piece. Example: I am going to take one ðŸ”. You come?

What says Fund©u?

According to indications of Fund©u, it must have point, but the emoticon is a extralinguistic element. For this reason, it indicates that it can go sooner or later, according to is more logical.

For example, in a message as €œI am very: (-. I go away to a Buddhist monastery;). €, to locate the emoticons in the phrases of which the emotions are being expressed it is more clearly. Also it would go before in cases as €œwe are Here, taking ï¸.€, where it is equivalent to a word (sun).

On the other hand, quite often it has sense that goes after the point, as when affects to everything tuit. ï˜‰


It has been clear You which are the recommendations to use the emoticons correctly or emojis at the time of writing?  If you want to help to spread the correct use us of the language, we animated to you to share the article.

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