Digital marketing

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Digital marketing

The marketing actions are very important. The tools that offer traditional marketing and digital marketing are fundamental elements at the time of securing the projection of your brand.

The ideal is to conjugate action in off and online, according to the needs of your company to arrive at the objective public.


The marketing actions help to create impacts and are important to attract the glances. They even contribute to secure to major notoriety.

Sometimes. we can conduct battle of marketing without obtaining an immediate direct benefit. Often marketing contributes to locate the brand in the public opinion. The benefits can arrive indirectly. That yes, each action must be moderate.

Marketing of contents

You want to harness your marketing of contents? You know the benefits copywriting? The persuasive writing will help you to catch clients, to arrive at your objective public.

You need texts quality for your webpage? Ponte in situation: you must periodically update your blog but you do not know how to confront the syndrome of the leaf in target. Perhaps only it is that you do not have time to take care of your clients, to maintain to the day the accounts of your business and of putting to you to write.

SEO and keywords

In Million-Tovarov Communication we put our ample experience in the writing to your service. We realise customized texts on sale focused of your service or product and optimized with SEO.

Certainly sometimes you have decided to buy a product or to contract a service by the received message. The persuasion through customized texts of your company can help you much.

Creative texts, with keywords or keywords, publications, posts or tuits to update without problems your social networks. Contents to insert in descriptions of services or products. Be that as it may what you need, we offer a professional service to you and of adapted quality to your specific needs.


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