Why it has to be your company in the social networks?

By Carlos Alberto Cabrera

Why it has to be your company in the social networks?

Why it has to be your company in the social networks? Without a doubt you will have asked it to you more in one go. The answer is simple: Because you already are without being.

Yes, so what. People speak of your company although you do not have a page or Instagram on Facebook. Your clients leave their valuations on your restaurant in TripAdvisor without the need that you are present. The people look for to you in Google, reason why if you are not in Google My Business you are losing opportunities.

Therefore, he is useless to resist to be present in the social networks. They already speak of you in your absence, so the best thing is than your presence allows to remove all the potential that offers the different platforms.

We now happen to analyze different reasons that do essential that your business, your brand, is managed of professional way in the social networks.

Why he has to be your company in the social networks?

In order to communicate better

The communication is a very powerful tool. All person and all organization, independent of her size, need to communicate. It is pure logic. Simply to exist.

By this, it is very important that reflections on your comunicativas needs. All the people do not communicate equal. All the companies either do not have to do it. Everyone has some needs and some objectives. It is fundamental to realise a previous study. To analyze weaknesses and strengths, the threats and the opportunities. That is to say, he is key to realise a DAFO.


In order to manage your brand

The nobody best one than the own company to manage its own brand. He is recommendable to leave open the possibility that anyone can say what comes to him in desire if to have the possibility of responding? Directly, the answer is no.

To leave free bar to the negative commentaries they can bring about a negative image of your business. And sometimes these arrive from interested way. Therefore, it is fundamental to have the option to resist and to allow at those who soon arrives looking for your business that has resisted information.


So that people know who you are

At the time of managing your presence in the social networks it is very important to work with planning. Until the improvisation she must be to a certain extent planned, because she will always leave better.

This way, you have to work conscientiously what image you want to project of your business. The recommendation is that you are most transparent possible.

Sometimes, there is certain fear to transmit an image that soon disappoints the clients. It is the great fear of many businesses of the hotel trade, for example. If you offer exactly what you are, if you leave people knows it who you are without masks, you will have much cattle. The transparency and the sincerity are very valued.


In order to connect with your objective public

Social networks exist many. We can say that of all the colors and for all the pleasures. But eye, is not either necessary to be in all the social networks that exist.

Like a person does not have to be in each one of the platforms that exist, with the companies it happens the same. For it he is essential to study and to analyze your business again. To identify how it is your ideal customer is key.

In order to connect with your objective public it is most important to know how it is. To have identified a profile clear help to identify how one moves and, in this way, in what social networks are the clients and potential clients.


In order to listen, to learn and to improve your company

One of the great advantages of the social networks is that it has harnessed the feedback. Feedback in communication is fundamental and the social networks have allowed to harness the bidirectional communication.

With the traditional publicity, the communication was unidirectional. A certain brand communicated and, except for a later work of compilation, it turned out more complicated to know the impact.

Now, the social networks have allowed that any person, at any time, can communicate something to you on your brand. It is in this point where he is essential to have self-criticism capacity.

The self-criticism will allow to know how you to listen, to separate the important thing of the noise. A good listening realised help to learn, to correct errors that had the same not been identified and to take possible opportunities. All this will contribute to improve your company. Who can resist to this?


Why it has to be your company in the social networks? Conclusions

In order to conclude, nothing better than to compile the key aspects that will help to take the step you and to cause that your company is present in the social networks by own initiative. The advantages that this decision will contribute to you are:

  • To communicate better
  • To manage your brand
  • That people know who you are
  • To connect with your objective public
  • To listen to, to learn and to improve your company

If with this article we contributed to that you are decided to impel the presence of your signature or business in the social networks, we recognize to you that you will have cheered the day to us.

In addition to this, if to secure your objective you need the help an equipment it jeopardize, professional and that offers an advising and work to size to you, you only must contact with us.


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