How it is possible to be worked with influencers

By Carlos Alberto Cabrera

How it is possible to be worked with influencers

You want to know how how to work with influencers and social networks? In the province of Cadiz we counted on a great number of companies of all type and size.

Often we thought that a campaign of promotion through the social networks is directed towards the great company. But to work with social networks and influencers can be of the most interesting in a small business or a small or median company.

All the businesses need a push. In many occasions the perfect form to promote itself can be through the social networks.

To work with influencers is going to increase the notoriety of our business, and is a perfect idea at the time of arriving at our objective public, something that is going to improve our influence in the market.

But€¦ we counted on influencers in the province of Cadiz?

When we thought about influencers, it always comes at the top personalities to us from the world of soccer, the fashion, the cinema, or the media, with legions of followers and fans.

To collaborate with them is very expensive for any small business, aside from the difficulty to accede to them.

The good news is that not always we must throw of that type of influential personalities for our promotional campaigns.

Luckily, in social networks amount of microinfluencers exists that, without having that amount of followers, is determining for the decision making of purchase or attitudes of small communities.

By small communities we talked about so much to populations, as social groups or sectors of activity.

That is to say, we can find influential personalities in Internet with little more than 1,000 followers, but who can be key for the decisions of other users.

Evidently, the prices for the collaboration with these microinfluencers are much more reasonable that in the case of the great personalities at national level.

The two main possibilities if we want to promote our business through the social networks if we want to work with influencers are the following:

How to work with influencers and social networks

Agencies of communication

The first option happens to work through some agency of communication of expert Cadiz in the function of community manager.

We will set out our idea and will be they those that will be in charge to contact with influencers which they own the most suitable profile for the success of our campaign. Also they will plan the actions and they will measure the results obtained as far as visualizations or conversions.

It thinks that an agency has much experience, adapting as much content as estimated to the particularitity of your business.

In addition, it will save the search to you of suitable influencer. This is due to that normally already it counts on a pool of collaborator of different sectors. Thus it is possible to be fit to the type of influence to your size of activity and sector.

Finally, they know what type of collaboration formula handles each to influencer. Est0 will save time of negotiation with them.

The agency will determine if the collaboration is monetary, in exchange for a product or service. Also, if there is to mount an event to summon them or to establish any other type of relation.

Community of influencers

To raise our campaigns directly through the community of influencers can be an alternative.

We must study the social networks that we choose. It is important to know envelope what speaks and if the treated subject corresponds with our business. We even must analyze the community of those influencers with which we want to work visiting the profiles of its followers.

The work will be much greater, since in addition, we will have to negotiate the formula of collaboration between the different options available.

But, really I need influencers to promote itself?

Or we have commented that any business or small or median company of the province of Cadiz can be able to improve its objectives thanks to a campaign of publicity through the social networks.

To work with microinfluencers is a comfortable and simple alternative to generate content, to increase our visibility in networks, and therefore, to improve the general position with respect to our competition.

But to secure our objectives we must think that the raised action must be within our plan of marketing. At no moment we must improvise nor let take to us by the first proposal.

The action that we raise must be aligned with our strategy following a clear and defined intention.

In this sense, always it is a good decision to count on community manager or agency of communication that helps us to organize, to plan, and to measure the results of any action which we start up in the province of Cadiz.


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