Omnicanal sale or how to arrive at the client of all the possible ways

By Carlos Alberto Cabrera

Omnicanal sale or how to arrive at the client of all the possible ways

The client at present has the possibility and the freedom of arriving until our business through the physical store, of our Web or the social networks of our brand

The client of an establishment of the hotel trade, the one of a real estate one, the one of a fiscal consultant's office. He gives equal the sector in which we fit it, the client has changed.

In fact, he is not that we must look for a totally novel definition on the concept client. No, rather what he has evolved is in the form in which we arrived at him. For that reason, nowadays the omnicanal sale is fundamental, that is to say, how to arrive at the client of all the possible ways.

The customer at present has the possibility and the freedom of arriving until our business through the physical store, of our Web or the social networks of our brand.

What is the omnicanal sale?

The omnicanal sale comes to define the use of all the channels of connection with the client existing, with the purpose of guaranteeing that the relation between the parts is fluid and effective, independent of the channel and of possible changes.

That is to say, if we put the example of a real estate agency, a omnicanal sale would have present the communication with our potential clients through a channel of YouTube where to show to a house for sale or rent or to speak of a certain aspect related to the business.

The present of the real estate is omnicanal

There are it saying just before. The real estate lives already in a present omnicanal. That person who arrives until our brand through a video raised our channel of YouTube also needs that the contact through our webpage is guaranteed.

The ideal would be that to be in the video the possibility of connecting directly with our space in Internet, our virtual office. To count on a contact form is fundamental.

Another route necessary to maintain the feedback or feedback in the communication between company and client is the social networks. Networks as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn are channels very given to facilitate a direct and immediate communication, in the majority of the occasions.

The purchase experience can even derive in some point from the process to the physical headquarters of the business, in this real estate case.

The omnicanal sale: a continuous experience

An essential aspect at the time of implementing the omnicanal sale is to obtain that all the channels that we use allow fluidity. Shelp of another form, the experience of the customer has to be continuous.

To secure an uninterrupted experience is key to guarantee that the process is satisfactory for that contacts with our business because it needs to cover a necessity.

If it chooses us to satisfy a necessity, we must be preparations to respond of an integrated, coherent way and without fissures. The passage between the different channels cannot present barrier some.

An example of omnicanal sale with a restaurant

You have stopped yourself to think how was your experience in a restaurant? It is not necessary to go back many years back.

To eat, to have dinner or to tapear in a hotel trade establishment do relatively just a short time depended on some recommendation of a relative or a friendship. The other option was to find the premises you during a visit to a city, for example.

But the mouth to mouth (or the mouth-ear) has changed. Now, almost nobody goes to a restaurant €“ except for which it knows it or without to have consulted the experience of other clients in TripAdvisor or the profile of Google My Business of the business at issue.

The social networks of that place that we are going to visit are another one of the channels where usually they look for references, either through the opinions left by clients or through publications of the own company.

It is not either necessary to forget the webpage the signature. Surprising, still today there are restaurants (also it happens in other sectors) that resist to have their own webpage. To avoid the opportunities that offer is something that reduces business possibilities. It is necessary to take advantage of a tool that it presents to us the world and that allows to contribute information on the menu, the supplies and activities that are developed. That to have a blog is highly recommendable, even, indispensable.

How to arrive at new clients in a fiscal consultant's office

You have a fiscal consultant's office? An agency or a labor consultant's office? Some lustrum back, the clients who arrived always physically did it, in person. He was practically unusual to close a way contract Telematics.

What happens today? At present, great part of the business is in Internet. The possibilities that give the new times allow to delocalize many services subcontracted by companies.

Thus, a consultant's office public prosecutor-labor-accountant with its headquarters in the province of Cadiz, for example, can work perfectly for a company of Madrid or Galicia. This is a great advantage, because far from to allow to accede to competitive prices, gives the possibility of contracting companies with experience, without the distance is a problem.

In this case in particular, the search of new trade relations can be through email marketing. Yes, the mailing campaigns that as much help to give visibility to our business.

Also, to be present in some social network contributes to give visibility to the signature at issue. Today it is not enough with that one €œI remain with the office and it already is€. People want to know the day day of the companies, the people with whom must treat and have the possibility that through Facebook, to mention some social network, to be able to raise some question or to ask for some service.

How to make possible the omnicanal sale

In order to make reality the omnicanal sale in a company is very important the communicative parcel.

He is essential to establish a strategy of communicative. Here it is not necessary to forget that the external communication exists as much, the one that we projected, as the internal communication, the one that we transmitted to those who integrate the company.

The omnicanal sale demands a continuous work, coordinated and that all the people of the group are conscious that each paper is important.

It is important to convince each employee who without its contribution the omnicanal sale can not have the wished effect. Of what bond to catch the attention in our social networks and to be able to have a potential client if soon there is not one who responds the question raised through a contact form?

Already you know clearly that the present is marked by the omnicanal sale? Perfect, because that already is a step. Now only it is to put hands to you to the work.

It is certain that in many occasions it is not counted on people who own the necessary experience in the world of the communication in a signature. Not problem has, because always it exists the possibility of contracting the services of a communication agency that manages, for example, our social networks, creates content for our corporative blog and acts as cabinet of press.

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