Social networks and human resources

By Ana Bel©n Pan©s

Social networks and human resources

36% of the recruiters have rejected to a candidate by its image in the social networks. LinkedIn and Facebook are the main social networks used by candidates and recruiters.

The social networks have become an element of help for the people in charge of human resources of the companies. So it is so 36% of the recruiters have rejected to a candidate by its image in the social networks. LinkedIn and Facebook are the main social networks used by candidates and recruiters.

The digital identity, also well-known as personal brand, contributes more information on a candidate who any curriculum vitae. For that reason, the companies usually analyze the activity of the candidates in their profiles of social networks.

In fact, according to the last report of Infoempleo, 45% of the RRHH professionals consult them before realising the interview to the candidates, of there the importance of knowing how to manage them suitably.

The social networks as source of intelligence

If we consider that 36% of the organizations have misestimated the candidacy of some aspiring to a job by the image that projects in some of its profiles in networks, the subject is of extreme importance.  €œWe used the networks as a source of intelligence more, reason why the user must know the consequences what he publishes€, he affirms Carlos M©ndez, Social &Digital Average Content Manager in BBVA.

The social networks are a tool of very powerful communication, therefore, the behavior in them and the personal brand is assets of the individual, and must be coherent with their principles.

The fingerprint is much more important than we create, as much in the personal plane as in the corporative one. To make vindication of any type of violence or discrimination (76%), to promote the consumption of drugs or alcohol (75%) and the use of little appropriate images (73%) are the aspects that would influence more in a recruiter to reject a candidate-to.

Personal brand: more labor opportunities

On the other hand, the active candidate has more labor opportunities than the inactive one, reason why he becomes necessary adequately to work the personal brand in the use processes search active.

Nevertheless, report EY €œconnected Talent€ says that the number of users who do not have any account in social networks has lowered three points. One has gone of a 9% in 2016 to a 6% in 2018.

To maintain its privacy is the main reason that uses more than half of the people who do not have account in any social network (56%). They follow the disinterestedness (32%) and the search to him of a more traditional or direct communication (23%).

42% of the users who are not present in social networks discard of forceful form the possibility of opening an account in the future. Gross error, in a more and more unstable working environment is essential the differentiation, the people we are brands and we must work that differentiation as professional strategy.

But, what is the personal brand?

The personal brand is the way to clarify and to communicate what it does to us different, special and to use those qualities to guide our race or to make our strategic decisions. Thus, one is to understand which are the attributes that do to us only and to know how to use them to differentiate to us from the others.

Nowadays, any person has more power on the development of her professional race that never before. The image that we projected in the social networks counts so much as the one that we projected in real life and in a changeable market, as the present one, it is not enough with being a good professional, €œyour work is so good, as the presentation of your work€.

Therefore, you will have to do all the possible one so that your presence in social networks is visually attractive, transmits professionalism, quality, and confidence.

12 ideas to use the social networks in the use search

Once we have seen the importance in the present way to come in the world of the human resources, next, you have some fundamental ideas if you want to use the social networks in the use search.

  1. It takes advantage of the networks to redesign and to drive your professional trajectory.
  2. Your personal brand works adequately: €œit thinks that you want to tell of you the world€.
  3. The USA word-key to do to you €˜more easily encontrable€™, so that you have more visibility.
  4. More attractive beam your profile, including your abilities. In LinkedIn, for example, you have 50,000 abilities as labels. It divides the basic abilities in (those that are based on the interpersonal contact) and strong abilities (elements in which you can become qualified, formation and professional experience). Those are those €˜basic abilities€™ that you would have to put in value in your social networks.
  5. It looks for a strategy and you do things so that they pass things to you. You must create your own opportunities, using the existing resources.
  6. I know active in the social networks, you will have more opportunities.
  7. It is not necessary that you are in all it networks. It looks for the one that more agrees to you. It creates a blog in which you expose who you are professionally and why and how it is possible to be contracted to you.
  8. It revalues your curriculum, demonstrating in the social networks your capacity to cooperate, to jeopardize to you, to create.
  9. It investigates what profiles look for the companies and redesigns yours.
  10. It looks for a good professional holder, an extract and turns you into the best ambassador of your brand. And you do not forget to include connections and videos of your work that they define to you better as professional.
  11. If you have made voluntary military service, you do not doubt in including it. The companies evaluate much this one type of activities.
  12. It even takes care of everything what you publish, what you recommend. You must make an impression to your contacts with quality content.

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