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Million-Tovarov: agency of communication, social networks and marketing

The magic of the communication

You believe in the magic? The children create in the magic, because they are able to see with an approach totally different from since we do it the adults.

But that does not happen with all the adults. In fact, they are the statistics there. Many people conserve the illusion of the childhood and see further on.

We create firmly in the magic of the communication. But not as a simple effect ilusionist. We create in the capacity of the communication to let grow to people and brands.

In Million-Tovarov Communication we are not story magicians. We did not remove rabbits from the top hat. But we make magic communicating, because we create in the magic of the communication.

Ever since we are born we are communicating. And not only through words. Our gestures, our silences€¦ absolutely everything communicate.  That also happens with the people and with the companies, as yours, for example.

Million-Tovarov: agency of communication, social networks and marketing

All the people we are born with the capacity to communicate. But all does not communicate effectively. With the brands this also happens.

To communicate through the social networks is not reduced to publish of unexpected way. It is necessary to think about your objective public and search to connect with its form to communicate. Simple? In fact, the communication, as much the personnel as the enterprise one, has its rules.

It is fundamental to count on a strategy, to mark an objective. It is essential to study your thorough brand so that the communication flows, so that the magic of the communication appears.

You want that we teach some tricks to you? You want that your company communicates effectively thanks to the magic of the communication? He is as simple as to say the magical word: HablaCadabra. 


I want to improve the communication of my company 

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