The time: the reason that causes that you neglect your brand in Google, social Youtube and networks as Facebook


The time: the reason that causes that you neglect your brand in Google, social Youtube and networks as Facebook

The time is the appraised value more of all person. And also it is it of the companies as an organism where the human resources are fundamental part.

Sometimes, as agency of communication of Cadiz that works with different companies in Andalusia, we have been with companies that are not decided to bet by a communication professionalized for their brand.

The main reason usually is that already they of direct way manage it. Nevertheless, a pursuit to its digital presence soon demonstrates that there are cases in which they do not have webpage, that its blog, in the case of having it, does not even update for months and years.

Even the publications in social networks as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, for example, become of improvised way, without objective strategy nor clearly. It has occasions, in addition, in that there are brands that on Facebook have a personal profile and not a company page, with the consequent breach of the norms of the social network of Mark Zuckerberg.

The management of the time is important for your brand

How many times you have had the sensation of which everything what you must do ends up exceeding to you? The days have 24 hours and is necessary to conciliate the life personnel-relative with the labor one.

To spend 24 hours of the day to work is, in addition to almost impossible, inadvisable, by the own health. And also it is an error detrimental for your company.

To know how to manage the times is fundamental for the good operation of any organism, also the enterprise one. The people need their hours rest to be able to have an optimal yield, reason why he is not recommendable to want to include each one of the departments of a company.

In addition, the experience without a doubt will have demonstrated to you that to achieve the success it is necessary to know how to delegate functions. It cannot be known of everything (well), because there is to spend the time due to each thing.

For that reason it is fundamental to bet by the specialization. For example, if you want that the fiscality and the accounting of your company do not generate problems sooner or later to you, the best thing is to end up trusting a fiscal and countable consultant's office. Then the same happens with the communication of your company. If you can, the best thing is to trust a communication agency that offers services to you of press cabinet, management of social networks and digital marketing, because in the end the investment finishes being productive.

The communication is an investment, not a cost

Purchases the furnaces for your business of the hotel trade, the computer for your fiscal consultant's office or the car for your real estate agency. They are resources that you need to start up your business. Then the communication is almost so important more or than these.

No, we are not telling anything you strange. Perhaps you don't know which in spite of to have had a shining enterprise idea or a magnificent product it had to leave by not to have been able to present it?

The communication is in everything. Like you take care of the showcase of your physical store, you have to do the same with your webpage, because it is your virtual showcase.

Google, the finder of the finders, usually values a presence taken care of in Internet, where it is important from the own structure of the Web to the content. It is here indeed where there is to value the contribution of a good service of copywriting, that it allows to tell you on texts of quality focused to sell your company correctly.

Also he is something that values much the algorithm of Google the update of creation of quality content, so he is vital to count on a blog in your website. And we did not speak of a blog where you limit yourself to talk back content seen in mass media or other portals, because the €˜copy and beats€™ is bad sight and it even penalizes.

To count on sufficiently extensive texts, with own and novel content that it generates to value to the Internet communication is very important. As much as to know how to adapt your content to which really it interests the virtual community, so there is to know keywords or keywords related to your business. Yes, to work the SEO is vital to try to position to you in Google.

By all these reasons and other many that we could continue developing, the communication must be seen as an investment and not as a cost. To improve your communication will make you have one better enterprise personal brand/and, without a doubt, direct or indirectly it will let grow your business.

Facebook and other social networks: channels to create community

I want to have Facebook to sell more. Eye, although the social networks are a channel of important community, selling a product or service does not have to be the main and only objective.

Sold is more being in Youtube and social networks as Facebook and Instagram? The answer is yes, generally. Nevertheless, it is an error to raise your presence in the social platforms with the sale as exclusive objective.

The social networks are communities and in them it is fundamental to create community. In engagement or commitment of the community that you create with your brand it is what is going to mark to the success or the failure.

In this sense, it is necessary to exile for example the idea to publish exclusively those products that we want to sell to make fast money. Perhaps to act of this form you can generate some sale by pure chance, but the essential to maintain your business in the time is to have the capacity to present to you as a friendly and very present brand in the imaginary one of the group that interests to you.

Therefore, another one of the erroneous ideas that there is to eliminate is that of which there is to have thousands of followers on Facebook or Instagram to sell more. If when you look for to contract community manager does not warn to you of this, much eye.

Don't mention it serves to count in your page of Facebook with 5,000 followers, for example, if these nothing has to do with your business. The experience demonstrates to us that there are companies that at the time looked for or trusted somebody the search of followers without applying affinity parameters, without segmenting the hearing that soon has seen the detrimental thing that it is.

We repeat on the contrary that don't mention it serves to have thousands of followers of false profiles. It is more, even being real, is detrimental to have in your page fans of other countries if your business sells or only offers its service in Spain.

This way, to know clearly which is your target or public objective is most important. He is better to have a small community of quality and with commitment towards your brand that one inflated.

In the case of Instagram, although by the special thing of this social network of reaching the 10,000 followers it will allow you to be able to count on connections and to derive traffic to your webpage, for example, to work either hashtags or labels will help you to make the more visible your publications. To take advantage of the possibilities that give to histories and the location you of your company is another thing that there are to consider.

Youtube: a channel that offers an exceptional window to you to present your service or product

To be conscious of the importance that it has the omnicanal sale will help you to grow and to do grows your business. He is essential to coordinate the physical presence of your company with the digital world, because the present client nowadays has the possibility of acceding to products and services by multiple channels.

If we have present the amount of video that is consumed in Youtube and that more and more the statistics show that more video through computer or of the mobile phone is consumed that of the television, to bet by a channel of Youtube for your company is something that there is to value considerably.

Youtube is a channel that offers an exceptional window to you to present your service or product.

It is certain that to count on a channel in Youtube it demands, like it happens with a webpage or a blog, to create content of quality, novel and focused to satisfy the interest with the internauts.

Therefore, it is important to study subjects of interest for potential clients, with the idea to offer your knowledge in a certain matter. To obtain that these are sufficiently attractive, they contribute value and they count on quality are aspects that usually are valued at the time of securing visibility.

In addition, before we told you that the omnicanal sale is something that there are to remember itself very. To create content in your channel of Youtube, as also it happens when you create articles in the blog of your corporative Web, contributes material to you to update your social networks, and so you will be taking advantage of synergies and working integral way your communication.

However, in a land as Youtube, where at present any person who has smartphone and connection to Internet can generate and raise content, it is equally fundamental to bet as much by videos with a minimum quality when speaking of the image as of the quality of the audio one.

Management of the time: you do the best thing than you know to do and leaves your communication in good hands

Arrived at this point we trusted that you know clearly, if you did not have it already, that the communication is a priority for any brand.

You have to count on a webpage? Yes. And with a blog within this one? Also. Does My business have to be in the social networks? Yes, by all means.

We emphasize that not necessarily you have to be in all the social networks that exist, but in that can approach you your objective public. Because although you want to resist, they will speak of you and of your march although you are not. It is enough to verify this search some business of the hotel trade in Google, Facebook or TripAdvisor to discover that the community speaks of a business although he is not present. And he isn't better to be able to know what say of you to be able to offer feedback and power to improve your signature?  

For this reason, we insisted once again on which lame your agenda or some of the digital tools that exist to manage the tasks of your company. It is a great step to optimise your time and your resources.

And we reiterated that if you are a person who knows to cook of a special way or if you are a great real estate adviser or if your fort is to take to the accounting or the fiscality of the companies, our recommendation is perhaps that you spend your time that you know to do and you delegate the communicative parcel in an agency of communication that offers services to you of cabinet of press, creation of contents for Web and blog, digital marketing and management of social networks.  

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