10 very important things on the social networks in Spain


10 very important things on the social networks in Spain

The Annual Study of Social Networks that IAB Spain realises for one decade, keeps awake 10 very important things on the social networks in Spain and its situation in 2019.

What social network is the favourite of the Spaniards? How long we happened to the day in the social networks? We used plus the mobile or the computer to consult them? How we see the publicity in these platforms? These are some of the questions to which it responds this study.

Next we presented the main conclusions of an investigation realised between a universe made up of men and women of 16 to 65 years, professionals of the digital sector, realised in Spain in the month of February of 2019.

10 very important things on the social networks in Spain that you must know

  1. The Social Networks become stabilized between the Spanish population internaut, thus reaching their maturity with penetrations 85% (what it represents 25.5 million).
  2. The Social Networks that reign the Spanish panorama are WhatsApp, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Facebook loses the first position against Whatsapp. Mainly by the great growth of Instagram that already was identified in 2018, and that in addition still has route between the users (54%). Facebook in addition is the Network that greater rate of abandonment.
  3. The usuary Spaniards are 55 minutes daily in average in the Social Networks, being youngest spend to major time to them to them (0:58 minutes).
  4. The mobile leads the connection to the Social Networks (95%), although exist specific Networks by device: WhatApp, Instagram, Twitter and Telegram are of mobile, Facebook and Youtube more of computer.
  5. The brands are followed through Social Networks by a 72% of the users. For a 31% that a brand has profile in Networks is synonymous of confidence.
  6. The publicity in social networks does not generate annoyances, especially between youngest. The customized publicity well is received and fulfills the expectations of the users.
  7. For a 55% of the users, the Social Networks are a source of intelligence and is more why they participate actively by means of commentaries. Half of the users declares that the Social Networks have influenced sometimes in their process of purchase.
  8. 7 of each 10 users follow some influencers. They consider that they are credible and, among them, little advertising.
  9. The professionals of the sector look for in the Networks to sell more and attention to the client. The promotions are the generated content more since it secures to major interactions and traffic Web. Although they know many Social Networks, in his organizations center his actions in only three: Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.
  10. A 58% of the organizations have contracted the past year services of Influencers, a 12% more than in 2018.

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