How to create one landing page for an email campaign marketing


How to create one landing page for an email campaign marketing

You want to know how how to create good landing page or page of destiny or landing for your campaign of email marketing?

If the answer you are affirmative, have left and continue reading, that we are going to try to summarize the most important aspects that there are to consider.

What are and why they serve landing pages?

At the time of approaching how to create one landing page, is important to know how what is, to be able to prepare it of the best way.

Landing page is specific pages of destiny (also denominated landing pages). They are created as part of a marketing campaign, designed to reach concrete objectives.

Purpose of one landing page

Mainly, the purpose of this digital tool is the conversion. For example, the pick up of data through a form online.

At the time of presenting the request of data, this one can become in exchange for a gratuitous test, to unload a value content, to extend more information on a product or service or another option that is happened to you.

It is possible to emphasize that the use of landing pages or pages of destiny for campaigns of digital publicity is recommended when it looks for that the user conducts a battle makes specific and he does not relax of the noticeable objective.

10 keys to do one landing page that fulfills the objective

1. Concrete objective

Landing pages is constructed to secure a very concrete objective, reason why first that we must define it is the intention that we want to reach.

Examples of one objectives landing page:

  • To obtain subscribers newsletter.
  • To obtain leads using a gratuitous trial.
  • To catch assistants to an event or to webinar.
  • To make possible to unload a value content.

2. To choose an attractive title to catch the attention

Once there are definitive the goal of our page of destiny, we must create a title that summarizes and describes the thematic one of landing. It is fundamental to draw attention to wake up the interest of the user.

There are aspects that can help to catch the attention. For example, to use a typography that emphasizes and to leave to a space between the title and rest of the text.

We can complement this with a subtitle if we considered that it is necessary.

3. To describe the benefits than is offered

It is more than recommendable (essential) to realise a brief description of the benefits that is going to obtain the user once it has completed the form that we presented in ours landing page.

It has to be a brief and direct content. It avoids to write much text. The concision is key. In order to help you, it even plays with different sizes from letter, different bolds, colors and different sources (whenever certain uniformity stays).

4. You do not forget to add a showy image

Ours landing page has to be very visual and for them it is fundamental to use a support image that draws attention. In addition, it must go associate to the message that we are transferring. If, for example, the campaign is based on a product, we can use an image of the same.

5. The most important element in your landing page: the form

Everything landing page that boasts has to go always associate to a form to be able to capture the data of lead that the visit.

The form would have to be located in a strategic place. That is to say, it would have to be located in a site where the user does not have to do scroll or to conduct a battle to see the content.

6. Call to the action or Call To Action

An also indispensable element is the call to the action or CTA (Call To Action). Of what it consists? Then it is the button or the step that we want that it takes to end lead.

He is advisable to flee in our CTA of common places, as the typical one €˜to send€™. Thus, he is more recommendable to bet by another type of message to motivate the action.

Examples of messages for your CTA:

  • Register you to our newsletter.
  • It attends our webinar.
  • It asks for your demo gratuitous.

The CTA must even go intimately related to the title of landing, if they agree, far better.

7. Other alternative actions to the CTA

Page is necessary to think about all the possibilities when making your landing. For that reason, before lead Marche without turning, is necessary search options so that it conducts some battle if it has not responded to the Call To Action or the call to the action.

This way, an option is to solicit to share the information in social networks; to do one tries gratuitous; that data to receive more information are let; or to even call to a telephone of for obtaining more data or clarifying possible doubts.

8. To avoid external liaisons

As the last aim that we persecuted with one landing page it is that lead ends up reacting to the CTA which we have defined, we would have to avoid whenever it is possible to place external liaisons or menus, for example.

9. Your landing page must be responsive

We must make sure that ours landing page is responsive and is going away to be able to visualize correctly in all the devices.

This aspect is more and more important, since the mobile is a device that acquires more and more weight at the time of acting in Internet.

In addition, Google already has established that will give more value to the pages totally adapted to the movable format. Therefore, it is an aspect that you cannot neglect.

10. Testea to optimize your landing page

As in almost all the lands of life, to testear our actions is essential to achieve the success.

For that reason, testea and pon on approval your landing page to correct possible errors or to improve certain aspects.

LPO (Landing Page Optimization) is the process to increase the number of conversions that take place in one landing page.

S.A. to implement well-known TEST A/B you detect that one of your pages of destiny has major rate of conversion that others, then you will know how to act. This step is a good tool to take the right path.

Some of the KPIs that there are to have present are:

  • Visits
  • Click within landing
  • Conversions
  • Time of load of landing

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