How to communicate with effectiveness


How to communicate with effectiveness

You know the keys to know how how to communicate with effectiveness? When we communicated, we always looked for some intention, we have a goal.

Or simply to receive feedback on the part of the other interlocutor, so that it corroborates or it shows an opposite position; or to bring about a reaction to our message and to urge the purchase, for example, never it lacks a reason.

In a previous occasion, we have spoken on 5 reasons so that reflections on your comunicativas needs,

First rule: it determines an objective. To have a goal will help to find the best strategy you
How to communicate with effectiveness: it determines an objective.

First rule: it determines an objective

In order to communicate effectively, it is precise to have a goal, because it will help to find the best strategy you.

Yes, it determines an objective and to go to by him, it devises a plan. In order to obtain it, the best thing is to sit down, to take to pencil and paper (a computer also is worth, by all means) and to take note from aspects as our weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities.

Indeed, to realise an analysis DAFO not only will help to mark the strategy of your company global level, but, also, it will contribute to detect lines in which to work our communication.

For that reason, if you did not do it at the time, to work the first rule and to determine your communicative objective, ponte to it. Here you can see what is analysis DAFO.

How to communicate with effectiveness. Second rule: it defines your channels. In order to connect with your hearing it is necessary to know how where it is your community.
How to communicate with effectiveness: it defines your channels.

Second rule: it defines your channels

In order to connect with your hearing it is necessary to know how where it is your community. So if you are giving him returned to how communicating with effectiveness, ponte to work on the second rule, defines your channels.

For example, the same you have been made one of those questions that still at present appear, although are very from time to time: Why it has to be my company in social networks? The answer you have it here.

Naturally, although we advised to you to read this article to know the arguments, although we advanced to you, as you imagine, that a defense becomes of which he is something fundamental.

But we return to the second rule. It is fundamental to analyze which are the channels in which you must be present, or you are a personal, enterprise or institutional brand.

At the time, we analyzed what social networks are the ideals for your company.

How to communicate with effectiveness. Third rule: It writes to enamor. To bet by copywriting will facilitate to you to connect with your public and to attract the attention to arrive more easily at your goal.
How to communicate with effectiveness: it writes to enamor.

Third rule: It writes to enamor

To bet by copywriting will facilitate to you to connect with your public and to attract the attention to arrive more easily at your goal.

To make attractive texts for your social networks, your webpage, your blog and your advertising campaigns as much online as offline requires a previous work, as well as time and a care of the details at the time of putting it on the paper or the screen.

In the tactical mission of the social networks, there is one that can see a series of publications as something without importance that becomes in opening and closing of eyes. You take a photo that you have that way, you invent something and him DAS to publish.

Nevertheless, who creates that, it does not know what there is behind all creative work. The same they have not been stopped to think as much that to make a text that marries with an image supposes a time search and inspiration, search of the visual message as the writing.

To be able to arrive at the exact words to connect with your community, with your customer, demands a study, sometimes a work of test-error. But when it is obtained and even an own terminology is created, easily recognizable, the connection reward. In addition to satisfaction usually he is synonymous of Euros.

It is not observed the third rule and it is written to enamor so easily. Everybody does not know either to do it, like everybody is not enabled to work in a fish market, a carpentry or to put coffees and to make exquisite plates in a hotel trade establishment.

How to communicate with effectiveness. Fourth rule: the power of the image. It takes care of the details, it studies what represents to you and how you transmit it.
How to communicate with effectiveness: the power of the image.

Fourth rule: the power of the image

It takes care of the details, it studies what represents to you and how you transmit it.

If quick attention to your personal cleanliness, your hair, your nails, your clothes€¦ it would be logical not to take care of these details in your business? The answer is simple, is no doubt some.

To photograph, to transmit the image of a business, demands not to neglect the details, because sometimes an element dissonant can be strained in a schematic or audio-visual, able to throw by earth your image or to create a crisis to you name brand.

Usually one says that an image is worth more than thousand words, and although not always it is thus, in many occasions this is fulfilled.

It is precise to analyze and to study the image that you want to project with your brand, or personal or enterprise. The image sells and in the case of some businesses it is an element differential, key.

In case of photographies, is recommendable to render attention to frames, to attitude and what the people who appear in them, to their clothes transmit€¦

On the other hand, in the audio-visual pieces, in addition to all this, it focuses in what you want to transmit.

If your business is of the hotel trade and you want to make a piece of a prescription, more history is no much either. But you want to go further on, the same you must raise to take a step to you and to bet more by storytelling.

How to communicate with effectiveness. Fifth rule: everything communicates. The Web, your social networks, your workers€¦
How to communicate with effectiveness: everything communicates.

Fifth rule: everything communicates

The Web, your social networks, your workers, the treatment who you offer to your group and your clients, carteler­a of your business€¦ Indeed, as it says the fifth rule, everything communicates.

It is essential to take care of each detail. Until the clothing of the personnel it is going to reflect what is our company and what we can offer. For that reason it is fundamental that we determine a common line, that everything is coordinated so that contradictions do not exist.

If we are a fresh company, young, that we went to an adolescent public, we cannot offer €˜a too serious€™ image. Our Web, our form to dress, our language, our logo€¦ will have to be fresh, direct and will have to go in accordance with the public to which goes directed.

We cannot communicate of the same form if we are a travel agency or if we spoke of a legal consultant's office. They are totally different sectors.

In each case it is necessary to determine the public to whom we went effectively to coordinate all the communication of this organization.

How to communicate with effectiveness. Sixth rule: silence also is communication.
How to communicate with effectiveness: silence also is communication.

Sixth rule: silence also is communication

You respond to the questions? You neglect your showcase in Internet? One of the saddest things that we can see in communication are profiles in left social networks, webpages without updating, blogs that stop updating themselves or that include publications that do not renew for years, although they could have been out of date.

To leave public or private questions without also responding very offers an image neglected of our organization. What service or can product think the client that we offer if not even we respond to the questions that to us the public does?

It is necessary to be very constant in this aspect. We cannot leave to potential clients and public interested in our company hoping answers that never arrive.

We always must carry out the last message, although it only is to thank, to remember that it can contact to us if has more doubts or to wish that it has a happy day. They are small details that mark the difference in communication.

For that reason it is fundamental to count on an equipment that is in charge of this aspect, that knows what message is necessary to transmit and that it does not leave in the forgetfulness any raised question.

An essential thing! It is not necessary to fall in the error of not doing against negative messages. If in some occasion we received critics or they send some commentary to us or negative message, we must respond constructively.

It is not necessary to fall in the error to ignore an angry client, since its malaise can increase before the lack of answer. In addition, it is necessary to learn of everything and we must try to use the critics to fortify our brand and to continue growing.

How to communicate with effectiveness: it optimizes your content.

Seventh rule: it optimizes your content

If you want that they find you in the network and to gain visibility, it creates digital contents that they position.

You know where is the error of many companies? In thinking that to copy some article that you have liked is enough. Error! He is, this more is detrimental, because if you look for to be able to now position your business in Internet that the stores online for example seems that they have been put fashionable, to copy penalizes to you.

By all means, the cases of success it is necessary to observe them to learn of them, because if something works can help us to talk back the obtained thing, but for it we will have to realise a reformulation.

To optimize your content happens to square the circle and to write for example to satisfy the needs of those who consult some finder in Internet looking for some product or service. But without forgetting the technique writing that awards Google, if so.

Product descriptions erroneous or copied of a supplier, images without the attributes correctly added are small great details that end up passing invoice.

For that reason, never it is necessary to forget that behind which a priori can on sale seems a simple article in a store in Internet or an article on this one or that one subject is much work and inverted time. Because there is to write for robots and algorithms but connecting at the same time with the people.

How to communicate with effectiveness. Eighth rule: it invests, you do not spend.
How to communicate with effectiveness. it invests, you do not spend.

Eighth rule: it invests, you do not spend

It optimizes your campaigns of publicity to have a good return of the investment. You do not throw the money to the trash! Yes, the eighth rule is based on the necessity of not spending to spend our money in advertising campaigns, but in obtaining that the investment is worth the trouble.

It is very important to know clearly to what public we went and to segment the publicity so that it arrives at this sector.

This way, if we went to the third age we must find the channels that they use and focus our investment in the same. Another thing would be as throwing our money to the trash.

Our message is not going away to spread of more effective form because €˜we spend€™ more money. It is necessary to have the necessary tools and the clear knowledge so that the investment that we realise gives results.

If we invested in a mistaken channel or we segmented the public of erroneous form or if not even we segmented it, we will not obtain the awaited result. Our message will arrive at people who are not interested in our sector, reason why our chain of communication will be broken. The receiver will receive the information as if outside noise, because it does not interest to him.

Something very important! We do not have to arrive at all the public, but we must arrive at the people who comprise of ours target or objective public, because those are these that are interested in our content, or a product or service.

There it is where we must carry out the previous work and, unfortunately in many cases, is a question that is taken lightly and that ends up generating losses.

We must analyze to what public we went and where we can find it. It is never necessary to forget this. Of there the importance of the previous rules.

How to communicate with effectiveness. Ninth rule: it analyzes. It picks up data on the results of your actions.
How to communicate with effectiveness: it analyzes.

Ninth rule: it analyzes

To analyze, to analyze and to analyze. The ninth rule to communicate effectively is based on a single word: it analyzes.

It is precise to pick up data on the results of your actions. This rule will allow us to correct our work continuously so that he is more effective.

We must internalise that it is necessary to study the data in detail. To know the percentage of public who has reacted to our actions, knowledge what channels have been more effective, what actions have been more effective and what efforts have not given results is fundamental for the future. There is no another form to grow.

The analysis of our actions is what it will allow us to focus of right form our work. For it, innumerable tools of data analysis, graphs exist and statistics that help us to measure the reach and the effectiveness of our work in communication.

To realise statistical information of periodic form is a key piece to obtain good results.

That yes, don't mention it serves if only numbers and graphs are seen as a series of pages with. It is not necessary to forget that what looks for is to learn and to know more the people with whom we want to connect.

How to communicate with effectiveness. Tenth rule: it trusts professionals.
How to communicate with effectiveness: it trusts professionals.

Tenth rule: it trusts professionals

To communicate well requires time, planning, certainty, knowledge€¦ Not to have presents it can damage your brand.

For this reason, in the tenth rule we asked to you that you trust professionals. And as much you do it in Million-Tovarov or in others, you do not forget that the communication is an art, is magic.

To communicate or is not as simple as it can seem at first, reason why at the time of approaching the structure of your company, a department of communication, or internal or external always contemplates.

The magic of the communication resides in a professional work, knowledge, time, a plan, an analytical activity and the use of tools and the means that they facilitate to arrive until who we want to transfer a message.

Surely, because you have lived it in first person or there are it to you counted, you will know cases in which some business underwent a crisis by a bad communicative practice.

By all means, nobody is exempt to undergo a critical situation. The difference is in when it is or preparation not to respond to a crisis of image with communication tools. In the management of a crisis the communication is a very important factor.

You want to communicate better? It communicates effectively.

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