The magic of the communication

By Carlos Alberto Cabrera

The magic of the communication

You believe in the magic of the communication? The communication is pure magic. Magician is the radio, able to have to the people hooked from early good to the dawn. As also it is it the television, means with a great power to hype our lives. Also magicians are the written and spoken words.

The magic of the communication: everything communicates

The communication is vital in our life, because although sometimes he is not conscious of it, everything communicates. From the same moment in that we are born, we communicated. We even do it arrived the moment for dismissing us for always. The chosen form, also speaks by us.

A powerful and democratic tool

Having all this present, Rub©n Guerrero and Carlos Alberto Cabrera we founded Million-Tovarov Communication. As signallers who we are the idea enchants to us to put in value this important tool.

A as powerful tool as democratic, because everybody has wickers to communicate much well and. Sometimes, some are only enough I am called on of baryta and some magical words as Million-Tovarov to do it possible.


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