SMEs look for that want an effective communication

By Carlos Alberto Cabrera

SMEs look for that want an effective communication

You want to secure an effective communication for your SME? You want to know how how to obtain it? Then, quick attention to the following lines. 

According to the last report of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and published Competitiveness, in Spain there are 1.295.963 SMEs. This data, contributed as well of the Ministry of Use and Social Security, almost represents half of the 2.847.886 companies that exist in our country to the closing of the month of March of 2017 (the account is completed with 1.547.577 independent and 4,346 great companies, that they are the one that counts on 250 or more people employees).

We give by fact that the great ones count type of services yet, so they are discarded. Because who really we looked for is, that you have a micro-enterprise (1-9 employees), or a small one (10-49 employees) or median (50-249 employees) signature. And it is that, in the times that run, to communicate well he is something fundamental to make viable an enterprise idea.

There is a principle that says that what does not communicate, does not exist, and although can have exceptions, is much of certain in that although a product or excellent service is had, if is not connected with target of our brand, the enterprise idea is led the failure.

In HablaCadabra Communication we are conscious of it and as professional of the communication we want to help you. The equation is simple: you help us to grow vice versa and, because our intention is to dedicate to us only and exclusively to which we like and we know to do, that is to say, to communicate.

Actions that influence in an effective communication

This way, we can help you to work the internal and external communication of your company, being contributed quality parameters, because it is not necessary to forget that when we spoke of communication we do it of the public image that we projected of any brand. Relation with action, mass media of marketing, management of social networks and the edition of a book is even tasks that require dedication. They suppose time and equal you do not have it, because it will always be better than you dedicate it to other necessary aspects in the day to day of your company.

We anticipate that, although the magic of the communication enchants to us, we do not have magic wands. We are not going to deceive to you, everything requires work, knowledge, imagination, will, implication and effort, that is to say, that the success is necessary to gain it, because they do not give it. Your success will be ours. If you are in agreement with our philosophy, you can contact with us in the e-mail or the form.

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