Customized books to travel to the past

By Carlos Alberto Cabrera

Customized books to travel to the past

Today we propose a plan to you of most special. Although we do not have the machine of the time, yes that we counted on the communication magic. And we have something is going to you to enchant: customized books to travel to the past.

You imagine to be able to return to your childhood? Would You like to encounter again to you with your friendly of the school again? You want to know what has been of your teachers? In HablaCadabra Communication we offer the trip to you of your life. Everything depends on you. We have preparations the tickets so that you return to the past. Still you don't think that it is possible?
It advanced. Taking seat. Let take to you by the memories and feel nostalgia than you were. Move to you and you return to live those wonderful years on your life. Or we have traveled in the time next to several generations of children who or comb white. You want to be the next passenger?

Customized books to travel to the past: you are the protagonist

We were in charge of everything. We promise to great sensations and a unique experience to you that you will keep for all the life between your collection of memories. Our service of customized edition will accompany you by the pages by a book in which you will be one of the great protagonists.
Tell us in to what moments of the past you want to travel and your dreams of will yesterday return of the hand of a book for you and all schoolmates.

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