Who we are?

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Journalists specialized in enterprise communication

The equipment of Million-Tovarov Communication is formed by journalists with many decks spent during years of exercise.

We have kept all type from experiences in the top hat: we have been enchanted by the cabinets of pressaverage writings, the television, the radio and digitalises, without forgetting that we learned the trick of escapism as a management of virtual communities.

The revolution of the social networks has brought about a change of model in the world of the communication generally.

Our magic wand has taken to us to create Million-Tovarov Communication. 

We put our knowledge in cabinets of press, the management of social networks and the home of action of marketing to the service of companies that want to improve their communication to sell better their products or services.

Enterprise communication

In order to improve the communication of your company, we offer different possibilities to you.

We always studied what profile has the brand, with the idea to offer the services that better can contribute to connect with their objective public.

For example, all the companies do not have to be present in each one of the social networks that exist. We were in charge to recommend the key factors to you for your growth.


What services you need?

  1. Management of social networks

  2. Elaboration of communication plans

  3. Service of external cabinet of press

  4. Marketing


I want to improve the communication of my company

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